The candied fruit of the country of Apt

A land of orchards

Since the 14th century, candied fruit made the reputation and the richness of the town of Apt in the Vaucluse.

If this city is still regarded as the world capital of candied fruit, it is firstly thanks to its location, in the heart of a land of orchards. Provence is in fact famous for its fruit production and it is in this region that conservation of fruits by candying technique emerged from medieval times!

Did you know?
The making of a fruit confit or candying is to replace the water contained in the fruit by cooked sugar which will be responsible for conservation.

Ancient history

The technique of the candying appeared as early as the middle ages in Provence. The fruits were then preserved in honey. In 1365, the Aptesiens offered fruit candied to Pope Urban V, while on a pilgrimage in their city.

In 1868, the English Matthew Wood view this specialty during a trip and promotes the opening of the British market, at a time where the production passes the industrial stage.

Although technological advances have significantly transformed manufacturing processes, with regard to used sweeteners and heating techniques, the reputation of masters-confectioners of Apt is never denied. Their know-how also earned the city label the taste remarkable Site.

A perpetuated know-how

Any bright sugar, candied apt fruit are as good as fine! They are made from fruit surrounding orchards (Napoleon, apricots, figs, pears bianchetti cherries, plums) as well as exotic fruits like pineapples in Côte d'Ivoire, the oranges of Sicily or the Crete Citron.