Village des bories

Village des borie

On the first slopes of the mountains of Vaucluse, facing the Luberon, village des Bories, with his bergeries, its furnaces bread, wine vats, aires beating wheat, streets, enclosure walls, testifies to the strenuous activity of countless generations. Nearly 3000 years of continuity, since the Bories village originated in the bronze age, and that the most recent were built in the 18th century. The Village des Bories, classified historic monument in 1977, is the most important grouping of this habitat of stone dry, characteristic of the country of Apt, of which the highest concentration is found on the territory of Gordes.

Abandoned for more than a century, invaded by vegetation, the village had suffered violations of time and suffered from serious depredations. There was an urgent need to restore and preserve this rare example of spontaneous architecture fortunately integrated to the site through the use of the raw material in the economy of means and forms. It is now protected, but open to visitors. Organized into a Museum of rural housing, it houses a collection of objects and traditional tools of the region, and brings together documentation on the past of Gordes, the Bories village and the architecture of stone dry in France and in the world.

The discovery of the village of les Bories is incomparable. The harmonious distribution of horizontal and vertical, masses plant mineral balance, the shadow of the rising and the setting sun games, competes with the original charm of a privileged site that you visit preferably in the calm and the morning light


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Non guided tour. Duration: about 30 minutes.